*Your* favourites among the @carteblanchemus recommendations in September:
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Your favourites (September 2019) | Carte Blanche Music

Because of a – if I may say so myself – well-deserved holiday, not much will happen here on the Carte Blanche Music blog during the month of...

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @_georgiauk (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @melact, @AnaCurcin, @lizzo, @MadamePBand, @sheilaandthekit, and @TLHsound.

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Over seven and a half minutes long, Mike by @sheilaandthekit is a monster track. Made for the dance floor, not for the radio, obviously. In the long, instrumental mid-piece the duo go completely bezerk to great effect.

In this case, size *does* matter!

For their new single Kapow, @MadamePBand don’t waste any time on an intro. And less than a minute after the explosive opening chords, we hear the first guitar solo. Furthermore, the up-beat feel-good song contains a catchy sing-along chorus.

Top track!

Following her performance at the @MTV MVA's, @lizzo's 2016 track Good As Hell is climbing up the @Billboard charts. Despite not being on her recent album, it will be re-released worldwide as her new single.

Great choice, it totally lives up to its title.

. @LarkinsBand are one of the most exciting and in-demand bands to emerge from Manchester in recent times.

Their new single Not Enough Love is rich with synth-infused guitars and will go down well with fans of @the1975.

Beneath My Lungs is one of the stand-out tracks on @AnaCurcin's album Differences. A wonderful piece of sophisticated pop, with a lovely piano, an inimitable drum pattern and subtle backing vocals.

I Turned 30 Yesterday is another album highlight. Check:

Never Let You Go is a @robynkonichiwa-esque song with a ludicrous catchiness, entirely played by the talented London artist and producer @_georgiauk.

Easily one of the best pop songs of the year so far, it's the new @carteblanchemus Wildcard.

. @TLHsound's bass-heavy new single Pretty Classy sounds fiercer than its predecessors, thanks to well-placed bursts of guitar over a bed of synths.

A roaring mix between melodical alt-pop and stadium guitar rock.

While staying true to her beloved piano, @lillyamongc also tries out new sounds on her upcoming album Green Flash. One example is the Golden Brown-like spinet on new single Girl Like Me.

That said, it’s as epic a pop song as we’ve come to love her for.

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