Wie heeft zin om donderdag naar @theanalogues te gaan in De Flint Amersfoort? Onze twee kaartjes kostten samen 85 euro (incl administratiekosten, garderobe en een pauzedrankje) en mogen voor 75 euro weg. Af te halen in Amersfoort.

Iets voor jou?

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Keepthingscasual by @north_parade is an up-tempo pop/rock song full of hooks and with an infectious chorus. It brings @thewombats to mind, which is never a bad thing.

One can hear the band had fun recording it, and you’ll surely have fun listening to it.

@wernerschlosser Jaaaaa, uiteindelijk bleek ik me gewoon vergist te hebben, en stonden mijn aantekeningen op papier in plaats van het document. De VOLGENDE dag had ik in een ANDER document mijn aantekeningen gezet. Ach ja ... Zo'n dag.

French nu-disco queen #Corine chose Un Air De Fête as her next single. As the new title Un Air De Fête À Tokyo gives away, it’s sung in Japanese. But for those who listen first & foremost to the song as a whole, it’s still the same fun track it always was.

@ZinVol Voor in het vervolg: je kunt Word automatisch 'on the fly' je gegevens laten opslaan en opgeven hoe vaak dat moet gebeuren. Bij mij dus elke minuut 😉. Dat heet AutoHerstel (staat onder opties > opslaan). Veel succes!

Already a streaming success, @FitzAndTantrums just released a radio edit of their single I Just Wanna Shine.

With radio on board as well, this could very well be a new smash for the band.

Validate Me by @peggysueband is a folky rock song, with a fresh lead melody, backed with fuzzy guitars.

It will appear on the London duo’s next album Vices. Released on 21 February 2020, it will be their first long-player in 6 years’ time.

Something I Should Do is the first single off @nadasurf's next album. A delicious rock song with spacey synths and, most importantly, a spoken word section that reminds of their hit Popular.

Nada Surf has come full circle. How about radio doing the same?

The title of @juliezenattioff's new single Tout Est Plus Pop couldn’t have been more appropriate. It’s light, accessible, sparkling, catchy, memorable, short and snappy. Probably the best song Lio never recorded.

It's the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

In case you missed it a year ago, @BADBADNERVES just re-released their single Can’t Be Mine. It's fast and furious, but melodic throughout.

Sounds like a bastard child of @RamonesOfficial and @TheStrokes, or ‘@SupergrassHQ on speed’, if you like.

Head Cold by @spacey__jane reflects on a restless sleep. It's a catchy, memorable indie-pop song that will undoubtedly claim the airwaves in their home country again. But outside of the island, there is a whole world waiting…

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@parov_stelar feat. #LiljaBloom

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