In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @jaysomband (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @RSprachrohr, @AlteredByMom, @JesseMerineau, @kflay, @slotfaceband, and @SorchaRichardsn.

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@wernerschlosser Maar toch snap ik dat ergens niet.. hij was er met de VN, zij waren voor hulp en hij en anderen om t in beeld te brengen.. maar ik snap wel dat die beelden nooit verdwijnen v je netvlies...

Sister by @kflay is a genre-blurring song, incorporating analogue synths along with live bass and guitar, while shifting between pop, rock, hip hop, and electronic moods.

This is the kind of track the word ‘banger’ is made for.

Chop chop, op naar @MuseumHuisDoorn voor de opening van de tentoonstelling Glans & Roest (vanmiddag), en het vertelconcert 'Getuigenis van een oorlog' met Jean-Paul de Vries, @DiederikVleuten en de Waterlandse Harmonie (vanavond).
#vriendvanRomagne1418 #vriendvanHuisDoorn

Bulletproof is only @thesoftcavalry's second single. The striking black and white video features the band performing the song via sign language, in tribute to @RachelAGoswell’s son Jesse. He is profoundly deaf due to a genetic disorder.

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@Team_Me_submit @slotfaceband @thisissigrid @AURORAmusic Thanks for reading, noticing and reporting! ;-). I've changed it in the article and in my FB posts. Alas Twitter posts can not be altered after posting...

. @slotfaceband's brilliantly titled new single Telepathetic was produced by Odd Martin Skålne, who worked with fellow-Norwegians @thisissigrid and @AURORAmusic before.

This results in one of their most infectious, energetic and exciting songs so far.

Elke 2 weken maak ik voor een overzicht van recente nieuwtjes voor componisten en tekstschrijvers. Eigenlijk bedoeld voor de leden van de vereniging, maar als je het niet verder vertelt, kan je de editie van deze week hier meelezen:

She Knows is Canadian indie pop artist @JesseMerineau's new single. A song with stellar production, heavily inspired by the likes of @ArcticMonkeys, @TheKooksmusic, and @Franz_Ferdinand. Fans of @the1975 are sure to like it as well.

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Within a week after being crowned ‘The Voice of Flanders’, @Ibe_Wuyts released his debut single Table Of Fools.

The simple song showcases only 2 instruments: a piano and IBE’s remarkable voice. A true talent, which is rare at TV talent shows, nowadays 😉.

What can go wrong when an artist cites acts like @PrefabSprout, @thecure and @CocteauTwins4AD as her main influences? @jaysomband’s new single Superbike is indie music, drenched in Californian sunshine.

This week, it's the new @carteblanchemus Wildcard!

Ahead of their new album Trapped In An MP3 (due later this year) Toronto-based pop-rock band @AlteredByMom have a new single out.

Boy, would Hear That Sound have been a radio hit when radio was still about smart and catchy pop songs!

. @Kidsmokemusic cite @realestateband and @Smiths_Official among their influences, but I’m sure they are fans of @neworder and @thecure as well.

Bringing a dreamy edge to melodic indie-pop, She Takes You Under will certainly appeal to @palewaves fans.

Don’t Talk About It marks a new, more mature sonic path for @SorchaRichardsn, which I like a lot.

It’s a great piece of bedroom pop with a retro touch, where Richardson’s lush vocals are accompanied by edgy guitars, sweeping synths and warm textures.

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