. @NVPInieuws: NL muziekindustrie beleeft sterkste omzetgroei sinds 5 jaar. De totale markt steeg in 2019 met 13,2% t.o.v. het jaar ervoor, tot €206,8 miljoen.
- Streaming: +23% (€161,7 milj.; 78,2% van het totaal)
- Fysiek product: -10,7% (€40,6 milj.)

. @toutvabienmusic is back with a delightful new track. This Is How We Say Goodbye is a beautiful song with Beatlesque horns and an ear-catching string arrangement.

Pure and honest music that deserves to be heard. Read more and isten via

The One was designed to make @BettyWho feel like ‘the love child that Britney and Justin never had’.

It perfectly re-creates the Max Martin sound that catapulted everyone from @backstreetboys to @britneyspears into pop mainstream. A great homage.

Here’s The Thing is probably @SportsTeam_'s best single yet. It’s an authentic, up-beat rock stomper that is bound to be a live favourite, just like the band itself.

But first of all, Here’s The Thing is the new @carteblanchemus Wildcard! Listen here:

Rose Gold is @ElleExxe's new single. You won’t be surprised it’s ‘the best song I’ve ever made’, according to the singer. The good news: it actually is.

It's the first in a series of new songs she will release on the 20th of every 2nd month of 2020.

On new single Figs And Gorgonzola, @PAPOOZBAND replace the synths and groovy bass with piano and a lush guitar. This makes for a more folky approach.

Still, it fits perfectly in their earlier output, probably because of their trademark androgynous voices.

It has taken @violentsoho four years to come up with a follow-up to their 2016 album WACO. But 3 April, the waiting is over.

Lying On The Floor is the grunge-drenched single, which even opens with a variation on the famous Smells Like Teen Spirit riff.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters:
@_TheMagicGang (@carteblanchemus Wildcard),

Read more and listen via

Manchester-based @LarkinsBand follow their 2019 EP TV Dream with a second 4-track release.

Their new EP Hit And Run contains their previous singles Make You Better, Pieces and Flood, and a brand-new version of the title track. Read more and listen:

Canadian band @leagueofwolvez are back with a brand-new song.

On The Run is a more acoustic-sounding rock track than their earlier output. Sure to broaden their appeal!

I Love You is out now as @deluxemoustache’s new single. It opens with a piano reminiscent of the one in @FatboySlim’s Praise You, followed by verses in French and choruses in English.

A fun song, which should do well on the radio as well

. @JamesBlondeBand's new single Hundred Bucks is an upbeat, driving alt-rock anthem, inspired by great classic rock bands.

It's got an important message as well. The realization that money won’t get us where we need to be spiritually.

. @JLandTheGarden combine the free-jazz ambition of @kendricklamar with the soul-inflected ambience of @jamesblake.

Vocally, the latter shines through in new single Goddess. Musically, it’s a complex effort, that also contains elements of gospel and rock.

Think by @_TheMagicGang is a big, Northern soul-influenced, sunshine-soaked banger, full of soaring horns, and uplifting melodies.

It's this week's @carteblanchemus Wildcard! Read more and listen via

Carioca, @RaphaelGualazzi's new single, is a great song. It starts in a typical Italian fashion, but with distinct latin, carnival and dance influences.

As far as I’m concerned, spring has officially started.

. @renforshort is 17-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Isenberg.

New Way is only her fourth major label single. It’s a slow-jam pop track with a bluesy rock guitar backbeat.

. @WestEndCoast (Young Gun Silver Fox) effortlessly combines laid-back ‘70s Westcoast music with a pinch of ‘80s pop.

New single Kids is a great radio tune once again, which even contains a vocal sampling effect that reminds me of my beloved @Prefabsprout

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