In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @nicolahmusic (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @kterouz, @caravanpalace, @entershikari, @nastycherryband, @SarpaSalpaMusic, and @tomsailmusic.

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What’s It Like is @youmeatsix's first new song since last year. This time, they add trap/hip hop influences to the electronic rock sound they developed last year.

If that sounds deliciously kaleidoscopic on paper, just click You’ll hear it’s even better!

. @caravanpalace produce, what they call, ‘electro swing’; a style that mixes jazz and electronic music.

New single Supersonics is immediately recognizable, but with added elements that appear to be influenced by the euro house sound of the early ‘90s.

A brand-new studio version of Stop The Clocks is @ENTERSHIKARI’s new single. This catchy, up-beat song begins with glitchy keys and features @QueenWillRock-like vocal bursts.

Lyrically, it’s about ‘the joys of human connection’.

Vandaag verscheen het 100e exemplaar van de van mijn hand. Als je even niks te doen hebt: al die nieuwsbrieven (incl. de 100e) staan hier in platte-tekstversie: De leden van de club krijgen er als bonus een fraaie opmaak bij 😉

London-based quartet @indigobandldn aimed high with their debut single Distant Lullaby. New single Guadeloupe is a funny and very diverse track. All kinds of vocal effects add a spacey feel to the tune.

Also check the wicked instrumental break via

The haunting opening tones of @tomsailmusic’s second single Wounded remind me of @JAMAICATWIT’s I Think I Like U 2. Not because they sound the same, but because both are fun, up-beat, indie-pop songs with a retro feel.

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. @nicolahmusic's new single Holiday is inspired by everyone from @brucehornsby and @paramore to @thebeatles. To me, it sounds like a great mix of @JadeBirdMusic and early @metheridge. A summer smash!

For starters, it's the new @carteblanchemus Wildcard.

Before It Goes Dark is @sarpasalpa's new single. A mid-tempo, yet danceable track. It tackles the frustration of not being able to stop the inevitable. On top of that, it proves parlandos don’t have to be daft.

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