. @realbadsounds wrote, recorded and produced their new EP Escaping From A Violent Time, Vol. 1 in an underground former prison cell in Bristol.

The bright and funky song Permanent is its new single.

Need Your Love is the new single of indie-pop sensations @TennisInc. A beautiful song with up-tempo and slower parts, the latter with a distinct ‘70s vibe.

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The main message of @mutechoirmusic's single Shadowboxing is: it’s better to fail doing what you love than to know you never tried.

Based on this great tune, I think that fear is unjust. Mute Choir are very likely to reach loads of people with it.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters:
@joywave (@carteblanchemus Wildcard)
@sebusimonian feat. @SirushoOfficial,

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Check pictures of some of the most recommended acts I visited at @esns 2020, including @friedbergmusic, @fusaroveronica, @_georgiauk, @HowlandHum, #Josephien, #jules, @moonradio1, and @TheSnuts.

The title of @royalandtheserp's single MMXX stands for 2020, the year she is really going to make it, according to herself.

And to be honest, with this catchy @charli_xcx-like track in the bag, she might just be right about that. Check it here:

Barcelona is @thebigmoon's new single. It starts with a flute, followed by a melody as sunny as the capital city of Catalonia itself. Lyrically however, it’s about anxiety to grow older.

A wonderful pop song and a great step forward.

Following his wonderful single The Secret Is Out, @sebusimonian releases the equally beautiful song Have You Ever Hurt Somebody.

It reunites him with singer/songstress @SirushoOfficial, who - like Sebu originally - is from Armenia.

@wernerschlosser @sanmeimusic @OzDawson @holyholymusic @AliBarter_Music @AlexLahey So glad I clicked on this! I love the way San Mei’s vocals and the guitar riffs drive the track forward. So good!! ❤️❤️❤️

. @sanmeimusic describes her music as ‘guitar heavy, delay ridden, dreamy pop’. Basically, this means: listen for yourself to find out.

Produced by @OzDawson (@HolyHolymusic, @AliBarter_Music, @AlexLahey), new single Hard To Face introduces her next EP.

Best Friends by @wearevant should be a no brainer for radio. It’s mid-tempo, and has a vocal melody as sweet as honey.

With guitars providing an edge to the track, this is as pop as Vant will ever be.

.@joywave's new single Half Your Age is the latest in a series of new music ahead of their next album.

A bouncing pop track with a chorus that’s sure to stick in your brain. Joy to the world! Half Your Age is this week’s new @carteblanchemus Wildcard.

Kill For Fun is the first single off #LushPuppy's upcoming second EP, which will come out in May.

Another song with attitude, built around a synth bass, fuzz guitar, stabs of electronica and tribal chants.

Something I Should Do was a very fine introduction to @nadasurf's upcoming album, but So Much Love deserves to be a bona fide hit.

It’s a radio-friendly song with gentle guitars, pretty piano progressions and a captivating chorus.

The catchy title track of their debut EP Say Something is @SarpaSalpaMusic's new single.

A bass-based banger with soaring synths, and another upbeat, danceable track with undeniable influences from the likes of @E_E_, @tameimpala and @foals.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters:
@thisisovercoats (@carteblanchemus Wildcard),

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