Following a tumultuous time after the release of their debut album Dumb Blood in 2017, @wearevant frontman @mattie_vant returned earlier this year with a new set of musicians.

With them, he also recorded his brand-new single Exoskeleton.

One of the best things to come out of Belgium in recent years is @angele_vl. Her music is appealing, her lyrics witty, her video’s utterly funny and colourful.

Her new single tackles the serious subject of sexism. A great tune with an even better message!

Coming to an end less than two and half a minute after it started, Cold Queen Killer by @CharmlessI is a short and radio-friendly power explosion.

The lyrics are no less than a huge social statement in 2019. Read here why and check the track:

Terrible Ideas is @cynthialovely’s new single. Powerful, edgy and dark. The dynamics between the soft verses and the percussive, hands-in-the-air choruses make for an element of surprise that is most welcome in modern-day pop music.

Read more and listen:

@wernerschlosser @spinn_band @carteblanchemus sorry, the link looks fine now! sadly we don’t have any pics of us as a 5 just yet, we had a couple of lineup changes so are getting some done soon. you’re welcome to use this for now, it’s not great but it’s something. thanks again for writing about the tune, glad you like it!

@staylunar @spinn_band @carteblanchemus Haha, sorry 'bout the photo guys, if you have a picture of yourselves, I'll replace it (on FB, can't replace on Twitter). Don't know exactly which broken link you mean, it works fine here... Love the song, by the way, congrats!

. @staylunar fuse dreamy and funky elements into their riff-fuelled sound, which is sure to get the movers moving and the thinkers thinking. because of their often dark-themed lyrics.

Brainshake is only Stay Lunar’s debut single, but a very promising one!

Better By Myself is a good old break-up song, but while other tracks in that category are often melancholic, full of heartache and pain, @HeyViolet deliver an upbeat tune of relief and self-love.

It's this week’s @carteblanchemus Wildcard!

The lyrics of rock band @CherryLotus5's second single Fake Leather Attitude are about a girl who left her old friends behind to follow the crowd at university.
The song title describes how she started wearing a (fake) leather jacket around the time.

. @saltwater_sun formed in Reading (UK) a few years ago. They combine sun-drenched pop, garage rock and elements of shoegaze and indie in their sound.

Last week, the band released their new EP The Great Deceiver. Blood is the first single off it.

From now on, @skiptheuse_off only consists of singer @MatBastard and guitarist @YannStefani

Musically, nothing’s changed. Their fierce and feasty rock is as danceable as ever. A new album is coming up and Forever More is the first single.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @sunsupband (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @_georgiauk, @ChateauChateau_, @AnterosOfficial, @haelos, @hihatchie, and @yunamusic. Read more and listen:

Presentatie van een nieuw boek over Porcupine Tree (in beperkte oplage met gratis 7") door uitgever @EdgarKruize en schrijver Wouter Bessels, tijdens de Mega Platen- en CD-beurs.

This is complicated stuff… A band called @DREAMERSjoinus naming their new single Insomniac. No sleep, no dreams, right?

Oh well… Their music is too loud to sleep anyway, and I like it. Pump up the volume!

. @AnterosOfficial's debut album When We Land includes their recent singles, as well as new versions of their first two offerings.

Breakfast has been chosen as the band's new single. You can hear the remake here:

In 2013 I fell in love with @yunamusic's single Lullaby, which had a @MassiveAttackUK (Protection, Teardrop) kind of vibe to it.

Six years on, Yuna hasn’t sat still. Her new single Forevermore has the sound of now, with @DUALIPA as an obvious inspiration.

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