In 2018, @thatgirlbishop's debut album Church Of Scars was partly a ‘best of’ of the singles she released previously.

Now, her new single Champion is here. Co-written by recent @carteblanchemus favourite @kflay, it’s exactly what the title promises.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @callmeloop (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @frankturner, @CaseyLowryMusic, @insprdandtheslp, @LilyMooreMusic, @NixDadry & @birdnbeemusic feat. @beck.

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On 2 August, @birdnbeemusic release Interpreting The Masters Volume 2: A Tribute To @VanHalen.

I love the duo's version of Hot For Teacher. Not in the least because of the teacher, impersonated by @beck.

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Singer-songwriter @LilyMooreMusic's songs are disarmingly honest, and stripped back in style.

Her new single Over You explains it's easier sometimes when you split up from someone and you both hate each other, because at least then you know how you feel.

During their 5-year career, @insprdandtheslp perfected the art of making radio-friendly dream pop.

Getting Through is a well-crafted pop song, built around danceable piano chords and a strumming bassline. Likely to become their most successful single yet.

The single Nudes brings upcoming talents @ClaireLaffut and @yseultofficiel together. It’s a fresh track, full of summer vibes and held together by a walking bassline.

The video was shot in an iconic retro swimming pool, mixing vintage and modern styles.

Ferrari is @IsaacDunbar's new single. A tune with distorted vocals, grungy guitars, hard-hitting beats and quiet melodies that build into an anthemic chorus.

I know this is dangerous to say, but to me he sounds like a male @billieeilish. There, I said it!

. @callmeloop describes her sound as ‘sassy, emotive electronic pop’, but I’d like to summarize it with one word: ‘cool’. ‘Infectious’ would do as well.

Her new pop banger Self Love is this week’s new @carteblanchemus Wildcard. You can enjoy it here:

@EdgarKruize @wernerschlosser Die vorige tip van Werner heb ik inmiddels op vinyl. Kost me bakken met geld die tips van hem 🤣🤣 #geintje #wordtgewaardeerd

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